The Top 5 Cat Breeds… for 7 Years in a Row

Top 5 Cat Breeds graphic

Every year the Cat Fancier Association (CFA) lists the most popular breeds. The ranks are determined by the number of purebred (aka pedigreed) cats registered that year with the CFA.

We looked at the lists for the past seven years. The top 5 have remained the same but have exchanged positions.

Watch out – that could change when the 2020 rankings come out in early 2021. The Devon Rex has been climbing up the ranks steadily and was 6th in 2019. The household cat was introduced to the rankings in 2018 with a 12 place ranking and moved up to 11th in 2019.

So who made the top five?!

#5: Maine Coon

Photo of Maine Coon cat
Photo credit: Beate Felten-Leidel

Of all the domestic cats, the Maine Coon is the largest, earning them their ‘gentle giant’ nickname. The Maine Coon is a social cat who loves active games.

Highest rank: 3
Lowest rank: 5

#4: British Shorthair

Photo of British Shorthair cat
Photo credit: Marianna Olefyrenko

The British Shorthair are affectionate cats who love to be around their human. They love to play and can happily amuse themselves.

Highest rank: 3
Lowest rank: 5

#3: Persian

Photo of Persian cat
Photo credit: Jacques Gaimard

The Persian cat has been around since the 1600s. They’re a quiet cat with very expressive eyes. Their long hair requires daily grooming.

Highest rank: 1
Lowest rank: 4

#2: Ragdoll

Photo Ragdoll cat
Photo Credit: MorriganMagie

Ragdolls are laid back and may follow their human around. They’re not much for jumping and prefer the ground. The Ragdoll breed was devloped in the 1960s.

Highest rank: 1
Lowest rank: 4

and the Top Ranked Cat breed, on average over the past 7 years, is….

#1: Exotic

Photo of Exotic cat breed
Photo Credit: Kavita Vincent

Their thick, short coat gives the Exotic a distinct look from their Persian relatives. They are a quiet and sweet natured cat. Exotics love to play.

Highest rank: 1
Lowest rank: 2

What cat breed(s) do you like best? Share in the comments!